Monday, June 23, 2008

Burry me with my brand!

Strange maybe, overly obsessed sure, but you have to admit it's the pinnacle of branding. No "until death do you part" here. Fans of Star Trek, baseball teams and even some high schools will be able to have their ashes put in an urn or head six feet under in a casket emblazoned with their team colors and insignia. What's next, Coach patterned casket interiors? Maybe we'll need that death inspired Valentino dress for when we kick the bucket ... ok, I'll stop. But will they? I guess they are just giving the people what they want. Anyone for a Precious Moments urn? Get it while you can ... really.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Innovation Nation

As mentioned previously, I had the great opportunity to attend the Gravity Free conference in Chicago. One of the many great presenters was Theo Jansen. His inventions exceed traditional thinking, bring a new species to life. The presentation he gives to the audience is not only jaw dropping, but insights a thought process that didn't exist. Innovation at it's best. And who shares this brand basis? BMW. What a great strategic spokesperson for their campaign.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Design gets my vote!

Whether you're red or blue there are certain elements, as an advertising exec, you take notice of during political season. Marketing marathons! Not claiming any vote here, but something has emerged in this political race as a winner in my book: Barack Obama's logo, website and design powerhouse. His logo and web designers have been sought after. Few companies or products have such amazing brand quality and consistency. Not to mention beautiful photography. You just can't argue the politics of this great design ... well I guess you could but you'd be wrong (and since it's my blog I won't let you!!).
I've even heard the comparison of his marketing to the Mac and other candidate's to the PC (McCain). Are they targeting a younger age group? Or is it just better use of design, functionality and online tools that speak to more savvy users.
Whichever side you choose, check out the endless media downloads, from logos for every party preference to buddy icons. Each piece clearly branded and illustrating the "tomorrow a new day, change" image Obama represents.
If design was the only issue, this race would be clear - too bad there's all that other "stuff" to vote on.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chest hair, the rainforest and Harrison Ford?

It sure got my attention. But do I think this commercial will make me more concerned for the rainforest ... nah. More concerned for Mr. Ford yes, crazy old man.

I own you birthday boy!

The nerve of some people! Maybe you already knew it - but "happy birthday" isn't free people. That's right, it's now owned by a private Chinese company that trademarked it in 25 countries including the United States, Japan and European Union members. I know competition is getting bad but who dares take the fun away? The Fufeng toy plant in east China's Anhui Province - that's who. They have more than 70 products with the brand "Happy Birthday," from toys to dresses and shoes to hats. Well watch out "Merry Christmas," you better run and hide before corporate America puts you on a shelf too.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Error Free

This really made me giggle. Mac just keeps through punches, left, right, right, left. Above all they are really pushing the PC users over the edge into Mac world. You PC users can deny it all you want, but the Mac way of life is easier, cleaner, more beautiful and error free! I once was a (and still am at work) a PC slave. I too feel the pain of ctrl+alt+delete rebooting, mystery systems running in the background, 5 min shut down/turn on processes and don't get me started with the new office 2007. This Mac vs PC commercial says it all.