Wednesday, November 15, 2006

TV at my office!

This is the coolest ... a projection broadcasting TV on the wall in our conference area. For a small agency we are pretty snazzy!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Advertising and Drinking

I just figured out how to send photos from my phone directly to my blog - how cool! The reason I used this photo was I have recently been to events with specialty drinks that tie in with a promotion or brand. We did this for a condo in Houston called Mosaic - the drink was similar to the one above but matched the logo(blue and red dot - cherry of course). So while at the event people start drinking something that again promotes a product ... while at the same time creating demand or awareness for that drink - a vicious circle of advertising and drinking - perfect!

The photo above it just a random drink I made while watching the FSU game and updating my blog - 4 times today!! HA!

Do you eat your own dogfood?

Do you eat your own dogfood? Do you sip your own champagne? Well Wikipedia has an article all about how companies and employees making products should eat or use those products they make. I think advertising agencies should do the same. I heard it explained, that like a Pelican dips down and gets a fish - not going underwater or not missing the fish (for not going low enough) - an advertiser should do the same. Don't get too far down into the water that your message becomes industry lingo and not understood, yet you have to know enough to fully understand what the product or service does. I think what Wikipedia is talking about "eating your own dogfood" is a great way to fully understand whatever it is you are marketing. This may seem so obvious, but you would be surprised at how common it is to forget or make excuses for not completing this step of the process. Whether your marketing a bank, insurance company, toothbrush, or lamp post - use it, try it, make it part of your everyday life for a period of time in order to understand your target, your client, and your unique selling factors that will make it a success or failure ... at least you will know what lies ahead.

Fashion blogging is "wear" it's at!

Fashion blogging is "wear" it's at:
Forget models wearing your stuff, forget actresses wearing our clothing, forget seeing your logo on products in the rags ... get-on-the-blog.

Impossible Field

I've come to really love Football, no not that football ... the real one - Soccer. The fans, the men, the advertising. Yes, the advertising. A new commercial (for me at least) by Adidas called Impossible Field:

Impossible field - video powered by Metacafe