Thursday, October 09, 2008


Standing in Times Square, NYC (is that redundant?) the new "I'm A PC" campaign flashed in my face. My first thought was, "what do care that those boring people are PCs. Lame." But the more I see and hear about it - the more I'm amazed CP+B did this. Get your own brand PC! Stop worrying about what Mac users think about you and just get a life. One that doesn't involve being dorky. Looking back at the photo I took of the digital boards in Times Square a group of insanely smart advertising people that we are finally saw what the hidden meaning of this campaign. I'M A PC = IMAPC ... or don't you see IMAC??? Yup, we uncovered it here first. These people are trying to tell us they really use the iMac and are being held captive by snotty nose, pocket protector wearing, high-water pants, a snort while they laugh PC task force. Someone save them.