Thursday, August 24, 2006

iPod+Nike=Music to My Feet

My brother finally discovered the new iPod Nike collaboration - and he's not impressed. Come on man - music in your feet - that's COOL! I think it's the best thing since sliced bread ... if I had the extra cash to buy it! This would actually encourage me to run, not that I do now, but it's about the motivation to run that I need. I need those songs that make you dance it your living room by yourself - not that I do that either ... ehhhhum, never. Forget about the stats it keeps, whooppie. I want the music to change in order to get me running faster (gooo you slow poke!) or at the pace that I'm running for maybe a nice jog theme (lalalaala) - it does that right? I of course don't have one yet. Ah well, I'll add it to long list of cool, useless, I'd use once and sit on the self stuff I want for Christmas. iPod-Nike

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